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The Natural Solution For Healthier Soils


Tested and proven worldwide for more than a decade, Agrispon® is a natural, easy to use and cost effective bio-stimulant that dramatically improves plant performance and / or yield. Derived from plant and mineral extracts, this liquid concentrate is effective in any climate suitable for plant growth. It performs especially well where there is stress due to soil or weather conditions.

Enhances Root Zone Activity

Agrispon® increases the population of beneficial micro-organisms which can significantly improve the availability of soil nutrients to the roots.

For instance, key macro nutrients such as nitrogen, Sulphur and Phosphorus all require microbial transformation in the root zone to make them more available to the plant.

Many agronomic practices, however, suppress these beneficial micro-organisms and hence limit the nutrient supply to the roots, even in situations where adequate fertiliser has been applied. Such is the dependency of the root and soil ecosystem on soil micro-organisms. Root-building Phosphorus, in particular, is dependent on microbes for its release into soil, especially in low or high pH soils.

The use of Agrispon® in plant fertility programs has led in many crop systems to large improvements in the efficiency of utilisation of nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

Improves Soil Structure

Another benefit of increased micro-organism activity is improved soil structure. This, in turn, improves aeration, as well as water infiltration and percolation. The resultant increase in water intake limits runoff and soil erosion so that more nutrients and moisture are available to the plant. In addition, well-structured soil with adequate nutrients helps plants withstand the rigors of environmental stress.

Increases Profits by Reducing Costs

Not only does Agrispon® enhance plant performance and/or yield, it’s also economical to use. In fact, the very low application cost per area treated makes it one of the most cost-effective bio-stimulants available. Furthermore, Agrispon® can be applied using virtually all liquid application equipment. Equally important, it is compatible with most liquid fertilisers and other tank-mixed materials.

Is Safe

Agrispon® has undergone extensive scrutiny of the EPA. Agrispon® has been registered as a class IV compound, the safest category available. Agrispon® carries no residue tolerance restriction.

Works In The Soil So That The Soil Works

The soil is your primary long-term asset and Agrispon® helps build this asset. Agrispon® helps enhance nutrient availability and soil structure without a negative environmental impact. These combined actions help plants obtain applied nutrients and water more efficiently, thus improving their performance as well as their ability to withstand environmental stresses. Overall the multiple benefits of Agrispon® in plant management systems ensure the continued productivity of your soil from one generation to the next.

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