Guano Liquid Gold

Guano Liquid Gold

P:10.2%   K: 0.67%   S:0.6%   Mg: 0.25%   Ca: 31%   Si: 13.6%

Phosphorus - Potassium - Sulphur - Magnesium - Calcium - Silica - plus trace elements


Real Life Solutions to P Problems

Guano Liquid Gold® is a full suspension product for use through fertigation, foliar boom and liquid injection applications.

P uptake rates on hostile soils could be as low as 30%, but improvement to the soil could see up to 80% of the P taken up.

You can see the sums really stack up for Guano Gold® in these environments where they are also improving soils.

This soil health factor is often overlooked when making P decisions. The real cost of the effective Phosphorous is dramatically affected by the soil characteristics.

Soils with low fertiliser uptake tend to only receive about six weeks of P from the fertiliser then must rely on soil mineralization to extract further P from the soil during the growing season.

The Liquid Advantage

Guano Australia’s, Guano Liquid Gold® gives growers the flexibility to apply an in-crop fertiliser application that is gentle on the plant.

The product features a mix of Phosphorus [P], Calcium [Ca] and Silica [Si]. Along with that there are other fertilising elements such as Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc. Silica plays an important role in strengthening the plants. It is important in terms of allowing the plant to develop better defences against abiotic stresses such as dry or hot conditions.

The organic certified products were suitable for use on a range of crops, from horticulture to viticulture right up to broadacre crops. Guano Australia have seen some excellent responses in terms of plant development with the Guano Liquid Gold®, customers have been very pleased. The product features 10.2% P, 31% Ca, 13.6% Si and is diluted with water via a sprayer.


  • Plant available Phosphorus, Calcium & Silica in a single, high analysis product, derived from natural Guano.
  • The high analysis source of our micronized Guano Gold-Kwik Start® is in a free-flowing suspension.
  • Phosphorus & Calcium are the two key elements for photosynthesis & plant sugar production.
  • The Silica component is important to improve the plant’s response & resistance to biotic & abiotic stress such as disease, insects, heat & cold.


  • Australian Organic Registered Farm Input 309.
  • A natural source of liquid Phosphorus, Calcium & Silica.
  • Guano Liquid Gold® also contains trace elements, with usable levels of Zinc and Manganese.
  • The neutral pH of the product gives it a high compatibility when tank mixing with other products.
  • Contains a surfactant to assist in foliar application.
  • Easy convenient application.

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