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Di-Calcium Organic Phosphatic Fertiliser

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REEF SAFE® is a natural, organically certifed Di-Calcium Phosphorus, Calcium and Silica fertiliser. It is formed from
di-calcium; phosphate layers generated by the interaction of the remains of coral, seabirds, fish and seaweed. It contains very high amounts of available Phosphorus, Calcium and Silica. REEF SAFE® is a very well-suited fertiliser for problematic areas where leaching of "P" is an issue. The continuous release action of Phosphorus from REEF SAFE® fertiliser may be more significant in the lighter coastal soils, in the high rainfall seasons.

Features & Benefits

  • Performs very well agronomically
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Natural Organic Product
  • Certifed Organic Input & Bio-Dynamic Growers under the
  • National Standards
  • Granulated (2-5mm) easy to handle & spread through all planters air-seeders, spreaders, combines & stool splitters
  • No odour
  • Fast & slow release of Phosphorus
  • High in Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)
  • Minimal in Cadmium & Mercury content
  • Suitable for blending with all other types of fertiliser (except urea)

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Australian Organic Registered Farm Input Certificate - Australian Certificate

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Australian Organic Registered Farm Input Certificate - USDA / NOP Certificate

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